Babylon: Dark Blend

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Babylon, the ‘Gate of the Gods’ lies in the fertile Mesopotamian plain, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Its vast and colourful history dates back over 4 000 years and boasts of opulence, wealth, power and riches.
The most famous of its legends is the beauty and majesty of its Hanging Gardens, with endless terraces, magnificent water features and magical floating plants.
Like this ancient lost city, our Kahvé Road Babylon blend offers a new gateway to your coffee journey.
Every sip promises an experience of pure enjoyment with a decadent aroma of fresh cream and hazelnuts, and a sweet creamy flavour of dark cocoa. Allow your taste buds to be tempted by our Babylon blend and discover the treasures that lie within.

Source Country
Brazil, Indonesia, and Colombia
Style & Flavour Profile
A mocha java type blend, with heavier, darker overtones with full body.
Designed specifically for the capsule market for coffee drinkers who prefer a darker roast. This is a dark blend, the coffee is not over roasted to show case beans, this coffee has all the flavour and body purely because of the speciality coffee we have sourced.
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