Brand Story

Welcome to Kahvé Road. Please make yourself comfortable, order a cup of coffee and allow us to take you on a journey.

It is the journey of the first brewed coffee and the art of making kahvé. It begins over 500 years ago in ancient Turkey, where ripe, green coffee beans were roasted in copper pots over wild open fires.

Where with mortar and pestle, these beans were ground into a fine powder, and then gently simmered over the ashes of a charcoal fire.

It is a journey that has crossed the lips of Sufis and Sultans, goat herders and noblemen, philosophers and scholars. It has been the talking point in ancient and modern coffee shops, across oceans and continents, from north to south, from east to west.

It has travelled hundreds of years, and passed down from generations to generations, through coffee growers who use methods that are gentle on the earth, and through hard-working coffee-pickers who select only the finest beans.

It is a very long journey that has led to the world’s premium coffee beans, being perfectly roasted, under the most precise conditions. And this is where we leave our journey, right here at Kahvé Road. But it’s not where the journey ends.

Because now we have the pleasure of handing the journey over to you. In bags filled with perfectly roasted, top quality beans. In capsules filled with granules so superior, no other compare. And in a cup of a premium coffee that promises to take you on your very own journey of discovery.