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Wedding and fucntion catering Cape Town

The Perfect Wedding Day – Venues, Photos and Catering in Cape Town

Wedding catering in Cape Town

Growing up, every girl dreams of the “perfect wedding day”. From our wedding dress, to the catering, to the wedding photos – we all had an idea of how our special day would turn out.

Fortunately, as we grow older our wedding day wants and needs evolve slightly… And for the most of us, by the time we actually get married, we no longer want the giant “My Little Pony” wedding cake. Phew!

Planning a wedding

Once we start planning our wedding, we begin to realise the massive importance of several wedding day aspects and how they contribute to creating the “perfect day” not only for you, but for each of your guests.

Finding a wedding venue in Cape Town

Catering Cape Town

There are hundreds of wedding venues in and around Cape Town for you to choose from – and finding the perfect venue, one that meets all your requirements, can be time consuming.

To save you some time and a lot of stress, we have sourced two great articles listing some of Cape Town’s best wedding venues.

Wedding Catering Cape Town

Wedding and fucntion catering Cape Town

If you had to ask each of your guests what they enjoyed and remembered most about your wedding day – some would say “how beautiful you looked in your dress”, others would say “the music” or “the venue”. However, most guests would mention the food – and they would definitely share whether they thought it was good or bad.

Therefore, wedding catering is one of the things you must get right – unfortunately, this is more about your guest’s approval than yours.

Bad wedding catering often results in an uncle who remembers and always finds time to remind you of how dry the roast lamb was at your wedding or a friend who still holds a grudge because you didn’t cater specifically for her gluten-free vegan diet.

Kahvé Road Catering Cape Town

Kahvé Road have been in the catering industry for years and understand the importance of the wedding meal. We offer several catering options including:

  • Vegan catering
  • Vegetarian catering
  • Gluten-free catering
  • Halaal catering
  • Patisserie catering
  • Viennoiseries catering
  • Party platters
  • Decadent chocolates
  • Wedding cakes
  • Barista services

Catering in Cape Town

Catering Companies in Cape Town

Catering Company in Cape Town

Wedding Photos

Finding the right wedding photographer is imperative! Your wedding photos will be circulated for years – they need to be good.

Finding a photographer is simple enough, but when it comes to picking your wedding photographer/ videographer make sure they are professional and very easy to get along with, after all – they will be capturing and spending your entire day with you.

For your convenience, we have listed two of our favourite wedding videographers and wedding photographers.

Radz Photography – Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Wedding photographer and catering Cape Town

The team at Radz Photography is made up of husband and wife, Salie and Radiefa. Together they offer the perfect all-inclusive wedding photography and videography package.

With over 6 years of experience, the Radz team has an exceptional amount of wedding wisdom and fun ideas to share – nothing is more important to them than capturing your big day the way you envisioned it.

Catering for weddings Cape Town

Najmie Films – Wedding Videographers

Catering for my wedding Cape Town

The dynamic duo at Najmie Films are passionate about creating brilliant wedding videos.

Their style of filming ensures that each and every video will always be unique, while ensuring the principle of unique camera movement is used. They live for capturing authentic unscripted moments. In addition, they have the ability to visualise cinematic-styled videos, an invaluable skill when it comes to wedding videography.

Wedding day catering Cape Town

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For more information on Radz Photography kindly contact them here.

For more information on Najmie Films kindly contact them here.

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