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Kahvé Road Coffee Capsules Cape Town & Johannesburg

Coffee Capsules of the finest quality – The Perfect Coffee Experience

Coffee Capsules – more than compatibility and convenience

A cup of coffee should be more than just a dose of caffeine, it should be an indulgence – an experience if you will.

The three criteria that make for the perfect cup of coffee: visual appearance; rich aromas; and a full-bodied taste; can only be achieved with 100% Arabica speciality quality coffee perfectly roasted and blended to provide this experience.

South Africa hasn’t yet seen this quality in coffee capsules until now. But, Kahvé Road has just introduced a premium range of coffee capsules that not only encapsulates the true coffee experience but also offers the accessibility that today’s fast-paced life demands.

Kahvé Road provides unmatched coffee quality in a capsule.

Kahvé Road – Coffee Capsules

PETRA HOUSE BLEND – Coffee Capsules

Petra Coffee Capsules Cape Town

Kahvé Road’s Petra house blend draws together some of the world’s premium coffee beans to create the delicious flavours of sweet milk chocolate and berries, and an alluring aroma of caramelised berry. Just a single sip of this captivating blend will begin a journey of discovery you’ll want to share with the world.

COFFEE: Ethiopia, Columbia, Guatemala

FLAVOUR NOTES: Sweet Milk Chocolate, Berries


AROMA: Caramelized Berries

BABYLON DARK BLEND – Coffee Capsules

Babylon Coffee Capsules Cape Town

Our Babylon blend offers a new gateway to your coffee journey. Every sip promises an experience of pure enjoyment with a decadent aroma of fresh cream and hazelnuts, and a sweet creamy flavour of dark cocoa. Allow your taste buds to be tempted by our Babylon blend and discover the treasures that lie within.

COFFEE: Brazil, Indonesia, Columbia

FLAVOUR NOTES: Sweet, Creamy, Dark Coco

AROMA: Hazelnuts & Fresh Cream


TROY DECAF BLEND – Coffee Capsules

Troy Coffee Capsules Cape Town

Our Troy blend will surprise you with its intensity and good body and will reveal complexities and layers with every sip. Enjoy this epic journey of rich cocoa and aged pear aromas followed by the captivating flavours of chocolate and tobacco treasures that lie within.

CAFFEINE-FREE COFFEE: Mexico, Democratic Republic of Congo

FLAVOUR NOTES: Good Body, Chocolate, Tobacco

AROMA: Rich Coco, Aged Pear



Machu Picchu Coffee Capsules Cape Town

With every sip of our Machu Picchu blend you will discover a fresh, bright aroma followed by natural notes of melon and orange, and a smooth aftertaste. Shine some lightness on your coffee experience with a cup of our Machu Picchu blend.

COFFEE: Burundi, Uganda, Malawi

FLAVOUR NOTES: Fresh Melon & Orange

AROMA: Bright & Fresh



Additionally, you are also able to purchase our coffee capsules in a handy variety pack, perfect as a gift.

Kahvé Road – Coffee Shop in Claremont and Online Store

Visit our website and online store, or visit our coffee shop in Claremont, Cape Town to purchase your own perfect coffee experience in a capsule.

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