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Test the Coffee Flavour Wheel at our Coffee Shop in Claremont

At the Kahvé Road Coffee Shop we specialise in quality coffee where flavour is very important to us. Have you ever heard coffee being described as having citrus flavour notes? Chocolate? Spicy or Smokey undertones?

The truth is, not all coffees were created equal and in the world of speciality coffee, the subtle tasting differences between coffees is a part of everyday life, and is in fact one of the most enjoyable!

However, the flavours of a coffee brew can

be hard to characterise. And to further complicate the already complicated task of distinguishing flavours, coffee experts use terms like “peapod” or “hay-like” to describe a “fresh” or “green” taste.

Naturally, it’s easy to identify bitter, or sweet, or even herbal flavours—but professionals in the coffee industry rely on a more nuanced lexicon to classify beans.

Test the coffee flavour wheel at our coffee shop in Claremont

Coffee Flavour Wheel

For 20 years, the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) has published the Coffee Taster’s Flavour Wheel, a colour-coded guide to identifying and discussing flavours found in coffee.

The entire coffee supply chain—from farmers to roasters to baristas—treat the terms found in the wheel as a shared vocabulary.

Last year, in collaboration with World Coffee Research, a non-profit research organisation, the association updated its Flavour Wheel for the first time to include more widely recognised terms.

The wheel identifies 110 flavour, aroma, and texture attributes present in coffee, and provides references for measuring their intensity.

The aim of the flavour wheel is to advance our understanding of coffee quality and how it is created, so that we may continue to increase it.

Furthermore, the wheel isn’t just the culmination of scientific work, it provides grounds for future research.

Kahvé Road – Coffee Shop Claremont

As coffee wholesalers, we pride ourselves on the quality of our coffee blends.

Visit our coffee shop in Claremont where you’ll be able to test this powerful tool and your flavour recognition skills.

Our range of premium coffees, each with their own unique flavour composition, are sourced from around the world bringing you international flavours.

For more information about our coffee shop, coffee capsules or wholesale coffee beans, please contact us.

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