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Discover true Coffee taste

All Kahvé Road coffee blends are from 100% Arabica coffee beans.

These coffee beans are ethically sourced from the coffee farmer and are of the highest possible quality with Q grading scores of between 80 and 100.

The Q Coffee Grading System

The Q Coffee System identifies quality coffee beans at source and brings them to market through a reliable accreditation system. A universal standard for both Q Arabica, (Specialty Grade) and Q Robusta (Fine Robusta Grade) coffee provides a common shared language and standard top scoring lots.

The Q includes the coffee farmer at the producer level to identify lots for specialty, at the export/import level by certifying individuals to grade coffees, and at the buyer level to offer a consumer-facing product with the Q mark.

This coffee grading system has resulted in far greater opportunity for farmers to access premium prices, increase market competitiveness, and improve producer economic viability.

Q grading encourages farmers to pick their beans at the best possible time, using the best picking methods, ensures consistency and eliminates defects in the beans.

The finest quality coffee beans

This means that we get the best quality coffee beans and the farmer gets the best possible price.

A good bean is the first step toward achieving a perfect cup of coffee. Reinforcing the standards of specialty coffee links everyone in the supply chain with an integrity that shows pride in the product.

This system also creates sustainability in the coffee industry by ensuring that global standards are maintained and farmers are paid well for their crops.

According to SCAA standards for Arabica, a coffee that is free of primary defects or unclean odors and scores 80 or above on the SCAA cupping form is considered Specialty Grade.

While many variables in roasting and brewing affect the taste of coffee, Q Coffees™ confirm that the beans being used are Specialty and among the highest quality in the world.

This is the only mark that certified coffees on a quality scale for Arabica coffees.

We roast to get the best quality from our coffee beans

Paying more for our coffee beans means that Kahveroad can roast the coffee beans appropriately to suit the bean requirements, rather than using the roasting process to mask the quality of the beans.

It is a common misconception that the darker the coffee the stronger it must be; however the strength of the coffee is not determined by this.

The strength of a coffee is determined by the caffeine in the beans. The delicate flavours of our coffees are achieved by balancing the roasting requirements with the character of the speciality coffee beans we use.

Excess roasting will tend to make the coffee bitter and destroy the wonderful flavours you would otherwise be tasting.

Personal Coffee Blends

Our clients are encouraged to experiment with our blends. Because we grind on demand, customers can make incremental changes to achieve personalised adjustments of their blends to suit their individual tastes.

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