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Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Coffee Shop in Claremont

Kahvé Road – Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs this Women’s Day

August is National Women’s Month. In honour, Kahvé Road hosted a breakfast with 20 Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs.

Bringing success together

Our goal for this event was to celebrate women by bringing together successful female entrepreneurs from all business sectors and backgrounds.

Here they could share their personal, inspirational business journey to success, and connect with one another while providing a space for networking and synergy.

Women entrepreneurs are making waves in business like never before. Everyday women are becoming more independent and more driven. Not only are more women joining the workforce, but they are starting amazing, successful businesses.

It was truly inspiring to see and feel the powerful force of each attendee. From the minute the ladies arrived there was incredible energy at Kahvé Road.

It was extraordinary to see women in deep conversation and the whole concept of “Inspiring Women” by sharing ideas, journeys, successes, failures, and hardships – lessons and stories that were appreciated and understood by everyone.

Sharing Inspiration for Success

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Coffee Shop in Claremont

Below are a few inspirations that were shared by the beautiful women who attended our breakfast.

Aneesa Mansoor, Aniseeds 

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by my mother, who after raising six children, chose to start up her own successful home business. It was her innovative spirit and entrepreneurial influence that paved the way for me to venture beyond what I knew and to express my creativity through blogging. Her passion for food and natural ability to develop and refine recipes is something I’ve always admired and thankfully inherited in some way but most of all, it is the enjoyment she receives through cooking and sharing her food and ideas with friends and family that has encouraged me to do the same. ”

Samreen Kumandan, Accountant, Cape Town Halaal 

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by …. The women in my family, my friends and my current job.”

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Benike PalfiBenike Palfi, Actress and I Love Foodies Founder / Editor

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by… A vision to inspire others, to make the world a better place, and to share all things wonderful. Food may seem an unlikely place for this, but food makes me tremendously happy and sharing the gems I find has the opportunity to create such joy for others. On the acting side, it goes even deeper than that. There’s nothing more meaningful than deep, raw emotion, and that’s what acting allows me to share – to inspire, to show people that they’re not alone, to reach out and touch someone’s true self …”

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Megan RichardsMegan Richards, The Authentic Girl – Freelancer and blogger

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by….The desire to listen to my inner voice and make my dreams a reality. I clearly remember a vision I had for my life as an 8-year old girl, I had no clue what I wanted to do but I knew the woman I wanted to become. That vision always stayed with me and (unintentionally) inspired me to start a blog and become an entrepreneur.”

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Dilshad Parker

Dilshad Parker, Hungry for Halaal

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by …. My need to move on from corporate have a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.”

Women's Day BReakfast at Kahvé Road - Firdous ManuelFirdous Manuel, Owner & Managing Director of Dial My Sushi Pty Ltd

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by …. The need for freedom and to make better choices that will in the end benefit my family. I have had a few jobs in the corporate industry in the field of Public Relations and Communication but none of them had afforded me the opportunities to reach a work / life balance.

I was overworked, always under pressure, feeling stressed and had very little time for my family, not to mention dealing with major anxiety disorder, a series of psychologists, an almost failed marriage, that in the end, impacted my life in such a way that I had to make a choice. It was a case of opportunity. Seeing a gap in the market for a Halaal sushi delivery service and a need to make use of the talents my husband and I have. This is where Dial My Sushi came into existence. I believe that one only has one life, and not only did I want to give my family the best life, I wanted to show them that through adversity, one can achieve anything.”

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Noorjehaan SabdienNoorjehaan Sabdien, Lu.ayn 

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by ….the diversity of Dubai and Global fashion”

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Rushdiyah NarkerRushdiyah Narker, Wimsy

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by …. A need to have a career that I was passionate about that afforded me the ability to be flexible to be available for my children. Having a job that fulfilled my soul.”

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Waseefa HuttonWaseefa Hutton, Hse of Bespoke

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by …. My passion and love for fashion. Thinking back to when I played dress-up at the age of four, dabbling in my mom’s makeup and being swallowed up by her clothes, to remembering my first sewing machine I received at the age of five. I would sit and cut out pieces of fabric and make gorgeous clothes for my Barbie dolls from all the scrap pieces left in my grandmother’s fabric box.”


Dhanusha Dhoorgalu, Miss Dhanusha, Writer & Blogger

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Dhanusha Dhoorgalu
“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by: Oprah Winfrey who turned Journalism into something more.”

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Mishah EffendiMishah Effendi, Mishah Designerwear

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by …. my dream to always live up to a true Arian”

Nazreen Ramlal, Kahvé RoadWomen's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Nazreen Ramlal

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by …. Straight after completing our university degrees, Rithen and I moved to Johannesburg together where I started my career in Human Resource Management and Rithen in investment banking as a Trader. As was our nature, we applied ourselves with hard work, loyalty and dedication and rose quickly up the corporate ladder. Rithen was appointed as the youngest Director at UBS bank in Sandton where he was the Head of Equity Derivatives Trading and later at Investec bank where he managed a trading and structuring desk. I rose quickly to become HR Manager for Regenesys Business School in Sandton and later moved into an HR Business Consultant role. During our careers we were fortunate to work with great leaders, mentors and industry experts. Whilst working Rithen and I also travelled the world and experienced different cultures. Traveling the world, family values and significant mentors in our lives have fuelled our passion for entrepreneurship which later sparked a significant life and career change.
Our entire outlook on life changed after our son was born. I had then just completed my MBA degree and we decided that I would run our own business instead of returning to corporate. We bought a franchise restaurant in Fourways, Johannesburg and managed to turn the failing business around. This was our first ambit in the hospitality sector which proved to be a vital eye-opener and schooling for us both. We learnt about cuisine and service, recipe construction and commercial kitchen design, marketing, the strengths and weaknesses of a franchise restaurant model. We learnt about managing people. But most of all, we learnt about working with one another and what we are capable of achieving when we worked together.
We had a burning desire to create a legacy in life…and what better way than to do what you love. We love coffee, travel &, off course, food. Kahvé Road was thus born which allows us to combine all these passions under one brand offering. Coffee, being the 2nd most traded commodity after oil, is a big business! In our travels to New York, London and Istanbul a few years before, we fell in love with the artisanal side of coffee. Our vision was to create a sophisticated cafe where we could sell the finest artisanal java blends alongside a delicious array of foods.”

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Shareen ParkerShareen Parker, African Equations 

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by… Post 1994 South Africa was a completely different place and space which beckoned new opportunities for those keen “take a jump to the left!” – which I did with great enthusiasm, curiosity and with not too much planning. But all ultimately came together when establishing the business partnership with Silvana Dantu.”

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Michelle LevickMichelle Levick, Timber Toys

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by me being a Mom and knowing that there was a need in the South African market for award winning, educational and traditional toys. I approached Le Toy Van in the UK was was fortunate enough to be granted distribution rights for Africa. And the journey began. Nine and a half years later, I have around 9 brands that we import and distribute and we also export to other African countries beyond our border too. I love the fact that I have my business to keep me focussed and busy, and it gives me the flexibility to be a hands on Mom at the same time too!”

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Ayesha AbrahamsAyesha Abrahams, A Squared PR & Communications

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by … the desire to create my own success! I have been in the PR and Marketing industry for just over 13 years and after working with small agencies to the biggest international brands I needed to take a step back to be a mother to my 4 kids but at the same time feed my desire to be a successful role model to my kids. I have always loved my job and what I do, no matter which brand I was working on or at which company I found myself in. To be part of the success of a brand has always been rewarding for me. So to have launched my own company and be in complete control of the creativity of proposals and plans to my clients has been very rewarding.
Not one day on my entrepreneurial journey has ever been the same, everyday throws new challenges my way … but I have learnt to embrace the challenges, try my best and make sure my clients are happy.”

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Radiefa PetersRadiefa Peters, Radz Photography

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by… “The love for creativity, fashion and art”
I always knew I wanted to do something in the Fashion/ creative field, Straight after Matric I studied graphic Design, Photography was only a subject with the course. In 2011 I landed my first wedding job and since that day I’ve been trying to master my career in photography. I absolutely love the fact that I get to be creative on every set whether it be Weddings, Fashion Shoots or just merely capturing product/food. Its 2018 and I’m still doing photography, this just shows me that it’s not only a job but also something I enjoy doing.”

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Qaanita AbrahamsQaanita Abrahams, ONQ Makeup

“My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by my love of travel and beauty. Nothing makes me happier than seeing beauty in the world and I wanted to add that beauty. I started off facilitating grooming workshops for Flight Cabin Crew, from there it grew to include makeup. I branched out, doing makeup for friends, family, weddings, matric balls, etc. and as I shared my journey online my brand evolved.

To me the most rewarding thing in the world, is the expression on a client’s face when they see themselves. That moment, “The Big Reveal”, there’s nothing more beautiful than being a part of that moment.

I now run workshops, empowering women with the skills to do makeup themselves. It’s beauty on demand, so they’re always looking and feeling great!”

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Nazeema NoorNazeema Noor, The Flower Girl Décor  

My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by…I have always been inspired by the beauty of nature and any creative works of art, whether it came from poetry, tradition, calligraphy,sculptures,clothing design or architecture. Often one takes our surroundings for granted , we wake up and focus on our own goals and don’t see further than that , I’ve learned to use everydays experience to inspire me. Whether it’s the people I see and meet, the birds in the sky, or the trees all around. Life is beautiful.

Women's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Lameez AbrahamsWomen's Day Breakfast at Kahvé Road - Silvana Dantu

Other inspirational entrepreneurs that attended the event were Lameez Abrahams, Justtbaked and Silvana Dantu, African Equations

Kahvé Road – Restaurant and Coffee Shop in Claremont

Kahvé Road would like to give a special thanks to Radz Photography for perfectly capturing the true essence of our event.
It was a success and most importantly a proud moment of Women Building Women! On behalf of Kahvé Road, we would like to wish all women a happy National Women’s Month – always believe in yourself and your dreams.

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