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Chan Chan: Rooibos Espresso


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Source Country: Cederberg Region, South Africa
Style & Flavour Profile: Style: spiced peach and cream with floral notes, Flavour notes: woody spice, caramel, peach, Aroma: sweet fynbos
Persona: We have blended two premium grade rooibos (The best rooibos we can get from the Cederberg region) and infused with our in house spice sweetener. Chan Chan will take you on a flavour journey into the heart of the Western Cape.

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Chan Chan, the lost city of clay, lies cradled in the once fertile river valley of Moche and Santa Catalina in Peru. Its name was inspired by the endless sunshine that shone down on its people, and is the secret behind this centuries-old construction.
From the grandest of temples to the simplest of structures, the entire city was built with sun-dried clay and adorned with intricate carvings of geometry and nature.
This ancient city is the inspiration behind our premium Red rooibos tea, Chan Chan. We’ve used nature’s best ingredients to create a caffeine-free tea that transports you to a place of harmony.
Try a cup of Chan Chan with its sweet fynbos aroma and gentle flavours of woody spice, caramel and peach, and enjoy some endless sunshine in your life.