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Troy: Decaf Blend Beans


Source Country: Mexico, Democratic Republic of Congo
Style & Flavour Profile: A decaf blend that will change your preconceptions about decaf coffee forever.
Persona: For those who want the richest experience of luxurious coffee flavours without the caffeine

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Atop the mound of Hisarlik, overlooking the plains along of the Turkish Aegean coast, sits the ancient city of Troy. Of the many tales told of this legendary place, the most famous is of the large wooden horse used to outwit the mighty Trojans and recapture the city of 20-feet high walls. This story was immortalised in Homer’s epic poem the Illiad and has for centuries been the inspiration for many great artists around the world.

It is also the inspiration behind Kahvé Road’s decaf blend, Troy. Like the epic tale itself, our Troy blend will surprise you with its intensity and good body and will reveal complexities and layers with every sip. Enjoy this epic journey of rich cocoa and aged pear aromas followed by the captivating flavours of chocolate and tobacco.

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Pack Size

250 grams Beans, 1kg Beans

Grind Type

Aeropress, Filter, Home Espresso, Moka Pot, Plunger, Pour Over, Un-Ground


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