Wholesale Coffee Suppliers


Thank you for considering us as your wholesale coffee supplier.

The Kahvé Road team of coffee experts have scoured the globe to source 100% Arabica, speciality grade coffee beans that are hand roasted and blended for our signature product range.

We are committed to the perfect coffee experience. Consistency and Quality is what sets us apart.

Each of our coffee blends are available either in bags of roasted beans or in premium Nespresso ® – compatible capsules. We also offer a range of services to assist you with the setup and operation of your coffee business.

If you own or are opening a business that sells coffee, contact us to inquire about our wholesale contract rates.

Why buy wholesale coffee from Kahvé Road?

  • Specialty Grade Coffee All our coffees are ethically sourced and Q-graded to score higher than 80 points. This quality of coffee is not usually available in small lots to individual consumers.
  • Artisan Craft Coffee Roasters Kahvé Road’s coffee maker specialists personally oversee all coffee bean roasting, ensuring that our beans are optimally roasted and blended to provide consistent quality.
  • Fresh Roasted On Demand Regular small-batch roasting guarantees freshness. All our Specialty coffees listed on this website are hand-crafted, delivering perfection for coffee shops, bistros, bakeries, finer restaurants and cafes.
  • Setup, Training and Ongoing support Take the hassle out of setting up your coffee business or offering and let the Kahvé Road team assist you. Our very experienced team practice what they preach at our own Flagship cafes. Benefit from our industry relationships and collective buying programs.
  • Personalised Blending For Your Brand A unique taste is possible for your establishment. Talk to us about your intending offering and we’ll help you develop a blend to suit your customers.